Rack It Up

Rack It Up Surfboard Storage Rack

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Looking for a Surfboard Rack that is 100% Australian Made & Owned, is easy to install, effective and an economical way to store you surfboard?

Well you found it! This Surfboard Rack will fit any kind of surfboard. It is made from Engineering reinforced glass-filled nylon resin that can hold up to 18kg (39lbs). This is a practical way to store your surfboard on a wall rack. It both looks good and keeps your surfboard out of harms way until the waves call again.

With the design and price of this Surfboard Rack it makes it perfect for stacking with an easy removable feature when not in use. Buy 3 or 4 sets and store and display all your surfboards in a nice compact area on the wall out of the way. Since the rack is made from a resin it will not rust or rot like metal and wood racks.

Feel free to use this Surfboard Rack outside when you don’t have quite enough room inside.


  • Sturdy Rack made from engineering reinforced glass-filled nylon resin
  • Rack Capacity = 1 Surfboard
  • Holds up to 18kg (39lbs)
  • Includes (2) Universal Sleeves, (2) Arms, (2) Rubber Pads for board protection
  • Can be mounted any distance apart to accommodate all different length surfboards
  • Storage Rack for all Surfboards
  • Great way to Organize your Garage
  • Rack protrudes from wall 430mm (17”)
  • Holds Surfboards with rails up to 3”


  • 2 Interchangeable Sleeves
  • 2 Arms
  • 2 Rubber Pads ( for board protection )