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Want to buy a new surfboard but not sure what to get?
Or simply just want to hire our great boards to hit the surf?

Get up to 4 days hire ($200) refunded back upon purchase of a new board! 

Check out our demo collection below:
our collection keeps increasing, please contact us if you are after something more specific or need advice!

Available Premium ModelsBoard Lengths
Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto5'6", 5'8", 5'10", 6'0"
FIREWIRE Dominator25'8"
FIREWIRE Hydroshort5'8"
FIREWIRE Hydroshort
FIREWIRE Cymatic5'5
FIREWIRE Moonbeam6'10
Haydenshapes ML Glider7'1
Haydenshapes Cohort I6'0
Haydenshapes Loot5'8
FIREWIRE El Tomo Fish5'8
Available Standard Models
Board Lengths
Salt Gypsy Shorebird - PU5'8", 5'11"
Salt Gypsy Mid Tide - PU6'8", 7'4"
Salt Gypsy Dusty - PU 8'6"
Modern Love Child - PU6'8", 7'0", 7'6"
Modern Falcon - PU6'0", 6'4"
Creative Army Huevo - PU7'6", 8'1"
7S Superfish 4 PU6'3"
7S Jetstream PU5'9", 5'11"
NSP Protech Tinder-D86'0", 6'4"
NSP Elements HDT Fish5'6", 6'0"
NSP Elements HDT Fun 6'8", 7'2", 7'6"
NSP Elements HDT Long 8'6", 9'0"
Gnaraloo Beach Cruiser Soft-top7'6"


SURFBOARD (ALL)$50$100$150$200$230$280$330$380$430
SURFBOARD + WETSUIT$80$130$180$210$260$310$380$440$480

All our gear are boards and suits we sell in store, you can be certain that you'll be getting premium gear at amazing prices.

All our boards are kitted with premium leashes and board bags. Let us know if you need soft racks or tie-down straps.

*Pickups at 4pm onwards doesn't count towards a day.
e.g., Friday 4pm pickup, Sunday 3pm drop-off is considered 2 days hire.

Contact us now or visit our shop 4/215 Rosedale Road, Albany, Auckland.

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Price is per day hire. We will need to record drivers license and credit card info.

We will refund up to 4 Days Hire ($200) Off the Purchase of a new surfboard under the Demo Program - credit is only held for 3 months after first hire.

When hiring a surfboard (associated accessories included), AND/OR a wetsuit you will assume all responsibility for returning the surfboard and all accessories to the shop in good condition or as in the condition at the time of hire. If damaged/dinged or snapped you will be liable for the cost of repair or replacement.

Please ensure your hire board AND/OR wetsuit is rinsed, and free of sand as much as possible prior to returning it.
We keep our gear boards stored clean and indoors. Any extensive cleaning required by staff will incur a $20 cleaning fee per item - this is non negiotiable.

Surfing is a hazardous activity with inherent risks such as the possibility of injury to your board, yourself or the boards or bodies of others, or even death. As a condition of use of the demo you will assume all responsibility for any injury or damage of any nature and extent caused by or resulting from use or misuse of the surfboard.

By hiring from Ultimate Surf & Skate, you are agreeing that Ultimate Surf & Skate is not liable for any and all claims for negligence or strict liability arising out of my use or misuse of the surfboard and its associated gear, nor any damaged caused to yourself or others.

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