Different Strokes for Different Folks


Why can’t we get along? There’s no need for the drama, no need for the hate. “Be curious not judgmental,” said Whitman. Though the SUPERbrand Fling is clearly superior to the other crafts in this video, it does not judge. It just goes about its way, slicing, carving, and airing-out, all with equal exuberance. And looking good, without looking down its nose. Try a Fling, have some fun, and make some friends. The World Is SUPER.


Different Strokes For Different Folks — Try a Fling from SUPERbrand on Vimeo.


Chances are the traditional performance shortboard is the least used board in your quiver. Let's face it, often we are caught sinking in these kiwi waves, thankfully there is now a whole range of boards suited to our conditions. The Fling is a great example, a refined yet full shape which generates and keeps momentum even as the wave holds back, while fully retaining high-performance characteristics as demonstrated by Paul Fisher in this sweet edit. We have a whole range of Fling's to demo and own in store, come check 'em out!


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