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The MAGIC Model stands the test of time due to its versatility and unique design features. With an emphasis on performance, with a single concave running from the nose through to the midpoint creates lift and stability, which is perfect for controlled nose riding.

The Walden Magic Model remains one of the world’s most popular longboards due to its versatility and unique design features. Surftechs super durable construction makes this model the perfect travel companion for surfers needing a board that will perform to high standards and also withstand some tough treatment.

DESIGN: Walden’s patented hull design has become synonymous with performance longboarding, however the design is easily transferred through different board shapes and sizes, and rider skill levels from novice to experienced.

CONTOURS: Single concave from the nose through to the midpoint. Double concave extends towards the fins with moderate vee out through the tail.

ROCKER: The smooth, full-length rocker compliments the bottom contours and has extra flip out the back making it turn super tight off the tail for more experience surfers.

RAILS: The hard edge running around the perimeter of the board provides bite on the face, while the beveled rail maintains the boards forgiveness and maneuverability.

From the novice rider through to the savvy competitor looking for extended nose time, this is a longboard that does everything well in waves ranging from 1 to 10 feet.

***Fins Not Included



Magic Model Tuflite

Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
8'0" 21.9" 3.0" 61.7L
8'6" 21.9" 2.9" 63.2L
9'0" 22.1" 3,25" 73.9L
9'6" 23.25" 3.3" 86.3L
10'0" 23.5" 3.9" 92.1L