Takayama In The Pink Longboard - TLPC

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Ultimate high performance noserider! This is definitely the most loved and sought after model in Donald’s range. Able to surf anything from one foot slop to overhead barrels, the In The Pink is definitely THE one longboard you must own. Perfect for the rider looking to own one longboard, or someone who is looking to become more accustomed to the nose, the In The Pink will have you loving your surfing again.


So.... What is TLPC?

Carbon composite construction combined with a Fused-Cell EPS core, TL Pro Carbon (TLPC) utilize a proprietary stringer system that is custom built to each individual board. Strategically positioned carbon reinforcement laminated over a layer of high-desity foam strengthens the board while creating the lively flex pattern that can only be found in TLPC technology. 


Stock Dimensions

9'0" 22.9" 3" 70L
8'6" 22.5" 2.95" 64L
9'3" 23 3.1 76.6