Curve Longboard Sling

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Being light on your feet when you seek waves means arriving fresh with energy to burn. The Curve surfboard sling is a pre-shaped fabric sling that wraps easily, snugly and securely around any 'naked' surfboard (or boardsock) in seconds with a simple 1 step closure.

The Curve Slings minimal weight makes it easy to carry either via the hand-grip or by attaching the shoulder strap (for those who own a Curve boardcarry backpack, the sling can also be connected directly to the backpack).

The sling is perfect for anyone who walks or cycles to their favourite surf break, or when traveling overseas so you can leave your heavy travel boardbag at basecamp and sling your chosen board to suit the days conditions. Or just use the sling to prevent that annoying transfer of wax from the deck of your friends board onto the base of yours, when stacking boards on racks, or when your board is contained in a multi-board bag.


  • Surfboard sling carries surfboards without a boardbag
  • 2 handling options - sling handle or shoulder strap
  • Longboard size suitable for surfboards sized over 7'6
  • Easily adjusts to carry one or two surfboards
  • Large pocket stores gear with mesh for drainage
  • Super tough 600D water-resistant polycanvas
  • NO buckles required.
  • NO straps to get tangled.
  • The pocket provides storage for wetsuits or other essentials.