NSP Cocoflax Dream Rider Funboard

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The Dream Rider is a premium funboard shape, built with award-winning technology.  This means the materials used in the construction not only look good; they are also a blessing to the environment. In terms of performance,  Dream Rider shapes are designed for both aspiring surfers and intermediate surfers, looking to catch more waves and improve their skills in the fastest way possible.


– A longer performance board with features for both the aspiring surfer and style conscious looking to fire up their surfing with a fun and versatile surfboard for catching more waves.


– Stable and performance orientated for fast-tracking skills, ample nose area which adds paddle power for easy wave catching and drive in smaller waves.


– The exotic double wing rounded pintail maximizes stability and shortens the radius of the turn giving a quicker and snappier riding board.­­


Shaper: Kym Thompson

Innovation and the various green technologies described earlier are the only way forward for NSP and we are proud to announce that today, 90% of our boards meet the strict standards of Sustainable Surf, a non-profit organization tracking greener manufacturing methods in the surfboard industry.


2019 Product of the Year

It is therefor no surprise that CocoFlax is recognized as “Product of the year”, as it looks good on the water, but even better on paper. At NSP, we’re excited about sustainable production processes and believe this is the way forward.


Alongside Cobra (largest surf and paddle board manufacturing facility in the world), we have been using coconuts in the development and production process of our CocoMat boards . More recently we pursue green technologies together with Harmless Harvest, Sustainable Surf and Sicomin. So to be awarded for these efforts at one of the bigger conventions in the surf industry is the icing on the cake for us, rewarding the R&D team and the work that went into these technologies.


Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
7'2" 21" 2.5" 42.4 4.19
7'6" 21.5" 2.5" 48.9" 4.52


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