Hydro Tech 2 Fins

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Winner of the Australian Design Award. The world's only silicon based fin - eradicates ulcers while providing super ergonomic foot pocket design and movement. The most user friendly and ergonomically designed surfing fin available!


  • Uses T Form instead of rubber creating the most comfortable and foot friendly fin on the market reducing effort to create thrust.
  • Patented 'V' Rail design provides greater surface area for extra thrust.
  • Super efficient drain holes meaning your flippers aren't filling up and anchoring you down.
  • Left and Right moulds mean each fin is tailor made to the natural movement of your legs.
  • These fins do not float, it's very important to wear fin savers.


XS (Mens shoe size 4-5)

S (Mens shoe size 6-7)

M (Mens shoe size 8-9)

ML (Mens shoe size 9-10)

L (Mens shoe size 10-11)

XL (Mens shoe size 12-13)