FCS II Carver Thruster Glass Flex Fins

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The Carver is designed for powerful, drawn-out turns and excels on open face waves.

An elongated fin for performing long arc turns, the high degree of sweep angle provides exceptional control off the bottom and when carving on the open face. Designed for power surfers who like to push hard against their fins and draw out their turns, this fin is optimised for open face, down-the-line waves, particularly good in point and reef breaks and is recommended for boards with deep concaves and moderate-to-extreme rocker.

*Please Note: this fin is designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin System, and will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System.


  MEDIUM (65-80kg) LARGE (75-90kg)
MATERIAL                         Glass Flex                            Glass Flex                       
HEIGHT 4.54"  4.66"
BASE 4.47" 4.58"
AREA 14.96"²  15.73"²
SWEEP 37° 37°