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Introducing the Mega Magic 2,  a new updated version of the Mega Magic… The Mega Magic has become one of best selling Walden surfboard designs ever, it shares the design aspects of the Magic Model but with added volume. This board has become so popular because its increased volume allows a rider to move to a shorter board while maintaining stability and float, yet it still manoeuvres with all the performance of the Original Magic Model.

Volume is taken from the length and redistributed to the width and thickness which provides excellent float and stability while still maintaining the famous Magic Model performance.  The Mega is about 1/2-1″ thicker and 1-2″ wider than a standard Magic Model. The Mega Magic will float like a board that is 12-18″ longer. For the bigger guy that normally rides a 10’0, with the Mega he can ride a 9’0 without giving up float or stability.

The Mega Magic 2 nose has been slightly pulled in – still excellent for nose riding, but the narrower nose will also perform better for more top to bottom riding.  Walden took out the step rails for a smoother transition from deck to rail creating a thinner rail for more sensitivity, feel and control.

Introduced FCSII fin boxes to the whole line up, snap in fins allow more versatility of fin selection on the fly.


7'2'' 23 1/4'' 3 1/2'' 65.41 ltr 7" Center / FCSII Performer sides 85kg / 187lb or less
8'0'' 23 1/2'' 3 3/4" 78.93 ltr 7" Center / FCSII Performer sides 85kg+ / 187lb +
9'0'' 24'' 3 7/8'' 98 ltr 8" Center / FCSII Performer sides ideal for all weights
9'6'' 24 1/4'' 4'' 112 ltr 8" Center / FCSII Performer sides ideal for all weights



X-2 Epoxy is a multi-layered sandwich construction using epoxy resin, woven fiberglass and sheets of thin wood veneer wrapped around a Nanoweld EPS core. This construction method produces a light, extremely durable surfboard that's particularly strong on the deck.

The durability and strength of X-2 Epoxy boards make them ideal for SUP's, surfers who like to travel, and heavy beach break conditions where other boards are prone to breaking. X-2 Epoxy boards feel solid under your feet and can take an absolute beating while maintaining their appearance for many years.

Board Concave Designed and Patented by Steve Walden, the Magic bottom is a complex design including chines and single to double concave features. Walden's specific combination and placements create a board that has great lift and speed but also initiates turns easily.
Wave Height 1-6ft Waves
Surfer Skill Level  Beginner, Advanced, Intermediate
Rail  This is a high volume rail.

 X-2 Epoxy is a multi-layered sandwich