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A 3 piece pad with aggressive and responsive pad designed for maximum grip in all conditions. The FCS T-3 Traction Pad is a quick response pad with deep toe channels for maximum grip. This coupled with the angular resistance of the spine arch; lunar kick and well spaced gridlock groove pattern give the T-3 an aggressive and responsive feel.

Each pad features a thermoformed dimpled surface, a clearly defined groove pattern, and a groove at the base of the kick to assist the adhesive bond and prevent peeling. The lightweight packaging also comples complete with a spare FCS Key.


  • Narrow 3-piece template - minimises water drag around the rails and kick
  • Gridlock groove pattern - A more spaced tread to allow your feet to sink closer to the board. Compounded with a dimpled surface on the tread to create an extremely textured feel
  • Toe grip veins - channels that act as anchor points to lock your toes into the grip
  • Spine, ergonomic arch
  • Luna rounded performance kick

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