Superbrand Pigdog

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The Pig Dog Surfboard, with its curvy outline, wide nose, and pulled in tail make it a perfect fit for pulling in under the lip or taking off deep. It’s tailor made for laying down big carves on big open faces and hunting down tubes. The PigDog easily replaces two-to-three of your stepups and works in myriad conditions, making it the ultimate travel board.

Stock Pigdog boards are $899 and are plain white with 5 fin boxes. Fins not included.

Available in custom dimensions/specs, Prices may varey, see in store or email us for more details.


  • Wide nose and center with a pulled in tail
  • Low to mid rocker
  • Single to double concave with V off the tail.
  • 5 Plug Setup for tri/quad Option
  • Slghtly Pulled in rounded pin
  • Ride 4-6 inches shorter than your shortboard
  • Available in custom dimensions/specs