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Slide Diamond Koa 32" Skate

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No waves, no problem!

Improve your surfing or find the next best thing to surfing if you can't get to the beach. Slide Surf Skateboards are designed & developed in Spain and brought to you by Hot Buttered. The newly developed front truck for performance and precision skating brings you so much closer to surfing on concrete. The moving front truck encourages the rider to pump and generate speed like they normally would on a surfboard - these skates are the real thing.

The SLIDE DIAMOND SINGLE is our new proposal for 2017. Inspired by the classical Single fins of the 70’s, this shape is your perfect weapon to go from one place to another, surf the streets and polish your style to get ready for epic conditions with long rides and powerful waves. Diamond is a very stable shape. With a wide nose, a smooth contour and wide tail, it has been developed for reliability. Its set-up makes it perfect for learners that are getting into the surf culture and for those old-school surfers willing to keep their stoke outside the water


Deck: 32"x 10" with a round Kicktail.

Deck material: 7 sheets of Canadian Maple (full painted).

Front truck: Slide 165 mm

Rear truck: Standard aluminium 165mm

Wheels: PU casted, 70mm x 51mm/ 78A

Bearings: ABEC 7