Shade Sunscreen

Shade Opaque SPF 40+ Sunscreen

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Many sunscreens are filled with Chemical Sun Filters which pollute the waters and kill the reefs and natural habitats. These pollutants also affect marine life as they often are mistaken for food. Shade Sunscreen is reef safe and will not destroy the reefs or kill the marine life when used. Oils can irritate the skin and even create acne. They can also leave your skin feeling greasy as well as, the surfaces you touch slippery. Our formulas are oil free, leaving your skin feeling great as well as your surroundings.
Sweat and Water resistant, our formulas will never run or migrate into your eyes. Specificity designed for outdoor activities and kids. Weather its professional or recreational time in the water you will not find a better performing water resistant sunscreen on the market.



Active Ingredients

Micronized Zinc Oxide – 12%

Micronized Titanium Dioxide – 8%

UV Chemical-Free Sunscreen

Very Water Resistant 80 Minutes


Broad Spectrum Protection

Paraben, Fragrance, Alcohol and Mineral Oil Free

Cruelty Free

Non Greasy for Smooth Application

airless package is a non-pressurized system, combining a mechanical pump with a filled and sealed container - completely free of air - that allows a consistent dosage of a product to be dispensed air-tightly and without any air return. 

stellar evacuation rate of nearly *100%, fewer pumps to prime, precise, metered dose dispensing and superior product preservation. 

Travel Size - TSA Approved

Made In USA