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The Seaglass Project Albacore - Softshell

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The Albacore is the simplest finless board in the world. It makes the thrill of finless surfing fun, easy and user friendly. The feeling the Ancient Hawaiians had as they rode their finless Alaia surfboards is now more attainable to more surfers. The Albacore surfs much like a thin wood alaia because of flex, yet it is soft and paddles very well and easily. The EPS core delivers this flex, and makes for surprising control and manoeuvrability. The board bounces from turn to turn and feels light underfoot. It takes the joy of finless surfing out of the advanced surfer‰۪s world and into the realm of the beginner to intermediate surfer.

The Albacore is tough, versatile and safe. It can withstand rough treatment and needs no wax or complicated fins. It can be ridden standing or prone and is suitable for almost any wave conditions. The soft round nose and finless tail is infinitely safer than a normal surfboard. With the Albacore I am ready for anything from small slop to powerful double over head tubes, but my favourite surf is head high peaky beach breaks. It brings a new spark to this common surf. With so much versatility on offer the Albacore is hard to beat as the most promising all-round surfboard for any surfer, at any stage of their surfing.


4'11'' 18 1/2'' 2 1/2'' 29.3 ltr finless 70kg / 154lb or less
5'6'' 18 1/2'' 2 3/4'' 36.6 ltr finless 70kg / 154lb +

NOTE: rider weight based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.