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The NSP 9'8" E2 Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is designed as a compact all rounder that will accommodate short distance flat water paddlers, through to the most capable of wave riders. The NSP 9'8" E2 SUP is a versatile board ideally suited to paddlers who like to spend most of their time in the surf, but still want the ability to paddle short distances on flat water. Approximate board weight: 12.5kg/27.5lbs

The NSP 10'2" Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is a great all-rounder developed for cruising, cross training, and riding small waves. This is a board that will accommodate all types of paddlers. If you're looking for one versatile board that will excel on all levels then the NSP 10'2" SUP is the obvious choice. Approximate board weight: 13.1kg/29lbs

The NSP 10'6" E2 Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is a high volume hybrid model designed for exploring lakes and flat waterways, yet it will also transition comfortably to the surf and excel in small to medium size waves.

The NSP 11'0" E2 Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is a recreational model made for flat water exploration and endurance paddling. Renowned for its glide and stability, this SUP will accommodate heavier paddlers, SUP schools and beginners, families and those with a focus on fitness. The NSP 11'0" E2 SUP is a great all-rounder. Heavier riders and beginners will feel the advantage of the extra volume in this board, as will paddlers looking for a true cross training model they can power up on flat water and use to ride small waves.

The NSP 11'6" E2 Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is the ultimate expedition board for long haul missions on flat water, fitness training, and heavy paddlers wanting a stable board they can use a multi-purpose vehicle. The NSP 11'6" E2 SUP has enough volume to accommodate any size and weight paddler, and it can even double as a family tandem board. The stability of this SUP gives overwhelming confidence to the rider, which translates to endless hours of fun on the water.

With all these SUPS, the reliable 2 + 1 fin configuration offers consistency across all conditions, and the E2 Epoxy construction is light, very durable, and produces a smooth, slick surface that glides through the water. Approximate board weight: 15kg/33lbs.

All NSP SUP's come with fins, a leash, carry handle, and a full-length deck grip.


9'8'' 32'' 4 5/8'' 167 ltr NSP 9"/FCS M3 75kg / 165lb
10'2" 32" 4 7/8" 205 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 sides ideal for all weights
10'6" 29" 4 1/8'' 155 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides ideal for all weights
11'0" 31" 4 1/4" 190 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides ideal for all weights
11'6" 33" 4 3/4" 224 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides ideal for all weights

NOTE: rider weight based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.