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Love Buzz is a performance shortboard, described as the ‘Love Child’ of the Hypto Krypto and The Ando model. Hayden’s latest model addition to the range, this model is a favourite of team rider Creed McTaggart and spent more than two years in development. The design blends surface area, rocker and performance curves to create a very all-round, fast and flowing short board. It will always carry speed yet give you that sensitivity to surf in all areas of the wave.

It has a medium / flat entry rocker for easy paddling and plenty of speed down the line or through flatter sections. It has the signature HS flatter rocker through the center of the board for flow and speed, similar to the Hypto Krypto. Out the back end it has a medium lift to allow the board to fit into critical turns.

It starts with a slight single concave in the entry through to medium single in the center of the board. This blends into a deep double within the single, with a medium vee double out the last 3.5” of the tail.

These HS boards are made in the Hayden Shapes factory in Sydney.


5'6'' 18 2/3'' 2 3/16'' 23.42 ltr Future HSM 65kg / 143lb or less
5'7'' 18 5/8' 2 1/4'' 24.83 ltr Future HSM 75kg / 165lb or less
5'8'' 18 7/8'' 2 5/16'' 26.17 ltr Future HSL 80kg / 176lb or less
5'9'' 19 1/8'' 2 3/8'' 27.58 ltr Future HSL 85kg / 187lb or less
5'10'' 19 3/8'' 2 1/2'' 29.75 ltr Future HSL 90kg / 198lb or less
5'11'' 19 5/8'' 2 9/16'' 31.29 ltr Futures HSL 90kg / 198lb +
6'0'' 19 7/8'' 2 5/8'' 33.06 ltr Future HSL 90kg / 198lb +

NOTE: rider weight based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.