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Rack It Up Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Rack

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Practical, Stylish and Economical. This 100% Australian Made & Owned SUP Rack has it all! Built from Engineering reinforced glass-filled nylon it is both strong and light. This Stand Up Paddle Board Rack will hold up to 20kg (44lbs). As a built in extra this paddle rack includes a paddle holder on the backside of the rack which keeps your paddle with you SUP at all times and keeps both paddle and SUP out of harms way from being tripped over.

The unique design of this Stand Up Paddle Board Rack also allows your Stand Up Paddle Board to be kept close against the wall and show off its style with minimal interference from the rack. This Stand Up Paddle Rack has a universal sleeve which screws into the wall and then the arms slide into the sleeve to hold your SUP Board. This is not your typical plastic, flimsy rack – the Stand Up Paddle Storage Rack is made from an Engineering Reinforced Glass-Filled Nylon product that has been tested to hold up to 20kg (44lbs) when securely anchored to the wall. This rack can also be used indoors and outdoors as it will never rust or corrode and stand up to severe weathering.


  • Sturdy Rack made from Engineering reinforced glass- filled nylon
  • Rack capacity = 1 SUP + 1 Paddle
  • Holds up to 20kg (44lbs)
  • Includes (2) Universal Sleeves, 2 Arms, 2 Rubber Pads for board protection
  • Can be mounted any distance apart to accommodate all different length SUPs
  • Storage or Display Rack for you SUP
  • Great way to Organize your Garage


  • SUP Rack Protudes from wall 355mm (14”)


  • 2 Interchangeable Sleeves
  • 2 arms
  • 2 rubber pads ( For board protection )