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Rack It Up Skateboard Storage Rack

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Looking for a Skateboard Storage Rack that is a convenient, effective, and attractive way to store your Skateboards? Well you found it! These 100% Australian Made and Owned Skateboard Storage Racks will fit any Skateboard or Longboard. The Racks are made from Engineering Glass-Filled Reinforced Nylon that can hold up to 18kg (39lbs). This is a practical way to store and display your Skateboard on a wall rack. It both looks good and keeps your Skateboard out of harms way until you are ready to ride. Surely those non-skaters around the house will also appreciate the rolling hazard (your skateboard) is off the floor.

Use the rack in multiples – 3 or 4 sets and store all your skateboards and longboards in a nice compact area on the wall out of the way. Since this rack is made from a resin it will not rust, rot or corrode like metal and wood racks. Feel free to use this Skateboard Storage Rack outside when you don’t have quite enough room inside.


    • Sturdy Rack made from Engineering Glass-Filled Reinforced Nylon
    • Rack Capacity = 1 Skateboard
    • Holds up to 18kg (39lbs) – More than any skateboard we are aware of!
    • Includes (2) racks per set. Can be mounted any distance apart to accommodate skateboards and longboards.
    • Storage or Display Rack for your Skateboards and Longboards will store your Skateboards and Longboards with the trucks either up or down.


      • Rack Protrudes from wall 295mm (11 5/8”)
      • Holds Skateboards and Longboards


    • 2 Interchangeable sleeves
    • 2 Arms
    • 2 Rubber pads (For board protection)