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Blown straight out of the winter polar blast and onto the bookshelves near you comes the latest NZ Surfing instalment.

Bali resident ex-pat Kiwi Tai Graham graces the cover of 159 at ‘The Right’ .. You would have all seen by now the madness of Mark Mathews towing in behind Taj Burrows to get a cover shot and massively pummelled at the same time. Well Tai was there running safety for the lads, and he got his fair share of beast waves as well as beatings, and shares with us his side of the story. We feature a mammoth surfboard buyers guide with the latest shapes available on our shores and with word from several of the guys behind these craft.

Hanging With The Bro: Dean ‘Dingo’ Morrison returns home to connect with his roots and sits down for a few coldies after picking up an injury in some classic waves which he shared with a few bros during his stay.

The Diversion: Somehow we succumb to a few white lies and hit the road on empty promises, only to find the whole of Northland submerged and isolated, yet find a few hidden gems that offered up some salvation to a long diverted roady. Starring Sam WIllis, Mike Phillips, Simon Deken, Scott Bell.

The Original: We sat down with legend photographer Bob Tulloch to talk about the early days of surf photography, yet come to learn Bob was possibly the very first NZ surf industry rep, a man before his time!

Chillin Photospread:  A photographic  dedication to the wares of winter and those waves and crew that turned their backs on a tropical getaway and stuck it out for some chilled gold.

We also bring you another ‘Choice As’ Feature straight from the Teahupoo channel in what was the greatest comp of all time.

As well as:

Epic Ricardo Christie sequence

Aotearoa love from Andrew Mooney

Rising Grom in  Northlands Zane Hicks.

The East Coast Ironman- A multi sport surf event with a few twists and hills.

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