Hook Up Wetsuit Hanger

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The "Hook Up" wetsuit hanger is a simple, versatile and easy to use magnetic wetsuit drying hook - designed to provide a drying attachment for wet wetsuits while traveling.

Featuring a powerful 65mm magnet the hook up attaches instantly to your vehicle providing a 20kg pull strain which is sturdy enough to easily support the biggest and heaviest soaking wet winter wetsuits. The silicon rubber coating prevents scratching to paint - making it the prefect wetsuit drying accessory for surfari's and camping trips.

No one likes pulling on a wet cold wetsuit and the hook up connects instantly to your vehicle so your wet gear can hang exposed to maximum airflow - greatly accelerating drying time of wet items.

With hook up you have an instant easy to use wetsuit drying hook with you wherever you roll - just hook up, hang up and speed up the drying of your wettie - right in time for next your surf!


  • 65mm diameter
  • 20kg pull weight when placed on a totally flat surface
  • Magnet is silicone rubber coated
  • M4 anti-rust stainless steel hook