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The Gnarloo Inflatable SUP package offers a convenient solution for travelers and paddle enthusiasts who enjoy exploring remote coastal locations and inland waterways.

The 14kg / 30lbs total package includes the board, a lightweight 2-piece aluminum paddle, hand pump with gauge for measuring PSI, and a storage bag that doubles as a backpack. It only takes a few minutes to inflate the board, and when pumped between 15-20 PSI, provides a high volume, stable platform that will glide well in flat water, and is also rigid enough to take in the surf.

The board is constructed from heavy-duty laminated PVC/Polyester layers that are fused together by drop-stitched paneling. Everything on this board has been designed to balance performance with convenience. It has a universal fin box, fixed urethane side fins, soft carry handle, ¾ EVA traction pad, and a forward storage zone.

When inflated the board is a sturdy 6” thick, has a subtle concave bottom, and a generous outline that will accommodate a wide range of paddlers. Once deflated the board, along with the paddle, fits neatly into the storage backpack equipped with waist strap for hiking, and heavy-duty mesh panels so the board can drip dry.

This is the ultimate SUP package for traveling families, those who have limited storage, and also the adventure bound paddler who wants to always be equipped and ready to explore new waterways.


10'2'' 32'' 6'' 230 ltr 7" cntr /welded soft urethane sides 113kg / 249lb or less

NOTE: rider weight based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.


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