Speed 32

Speed 32

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Us surfers are such a skeptical bunch when it comes to trying new products to increase performance, it's no wonder acceptance is not a quick affair.

So we decided the benefits HAD TO BE proven, scientific verification. We used 3 surfboard finishes and had them individually trialled, averaging around 25% to 30% but maxing at 31.68%, no placebo, just scientific fact.

The Nano molecule bonds to virtually all surfaces (except raw metal) so obviously there is a myriad of potential applications, we even have one of the America’s Cup teams using it.

The main benefits for surfing are, reduction of paddle fatigue, catch waves easier and earlier, surf faster hence make more waves and lift performance because of extra momentum. The approx cost for a short board treatment is 20 cents, so it’s not exactly breaking the bank.


  • Surfboards
  • SUP'S
  • Kayaks
  • Windsurfers
  • Hard Bottom Boards