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Manual Magazine #59

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Manual cover boy Kayle Lawson has always possessed that extra something. Sightings over the years have continually shown a sharp shooting craftsman, who is second to none. After dropping off the radar for a brief moment Klawsss is back. He’s still calm and collected, and more razor than ever.
Fortune at our feet, Manual tags along with the Akcent Skateboards as they explore Auckland’s spots old and new in search of a fitting tribute or a new standard.
Dan Gemmell is breaking all types of records in Plenty of Time. Claiming the night with some serious photo body count that even Ice-T would envy.
Morgan Campbell delves into the mystery behind the Lee Ralph Wall grind, Dave Dobbyn takes Roy Irwin’s money, Cade Wilson Russ is at a Turning point & Toby Locke presents his favourite things.

Also in this issue: Andrew Allen, Josh Pall, Ken Griffen, Ben Wallis, Sean Bone, Hootie Andrewes, Earl Sweatshirt, Leigh Bolton, Vincent Bolt, Zach Wheeler, Elijah Robertson, Andrew Haeata, Jesse Abolins & many more