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FCS is proud to announce the release of the FCS II Performer fin. A versatile template designed for surfers who like to strike a balance between speed and manoeuvrability with flow between turns.

Well proportioned template with Inside Foil Technology (IFT) delivering a balance of drive, pivot and hold. A reliable all-round fin for a diverse range of surfers, conditions and board types.

*Please Note: this fin is designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin System, and will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System.


  SMALL (55-70kg) MEDIUM (65-80kg)
MATERIAL                         Glass Flex                            Glass Flex                       
HEIGHT 4.43"  4.55"
BASE 4.25" 4.37"
AREA 14.03"²  14.81"²
SWEEP 33.7° 33.7°



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