Carver ABEC 7 Bearings

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 Our Carver  Abec 7 wheel bearings are custom made for us because we wanted to combine all of our favorite details for the perfect surfskate bearing at an affordable price. These features include:


-Double Shielded for maximum protection from dirt and sand.

-Oil Lubricated with a special synthetic lubricant for a faster spinning wheel.

-Easily removable Red Neoprene covered, non-contact seals for easy re-lubricating.

-Chrome steel ball bearings for maximum wear.

-Deep-Groove polished race for faster roll and better side load rating.

-Steel Cage will hold up longer to the heavy duty abuse of skateboarding.

-Comes with a set of 4 bearing spacers so you can tighten your wheels down without any binding or wobble.