Bill Stewart

Bill Stewart Hydro Hull - Tuflite Pro Carbon

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Bill Stewart and the TufLite HydroHull from Surftech USA on Vimeo.

The NEW Tuflite-PC 9'0'' Hydro Hull turns like a 8'6'', paddles like a 9'6'', and noserides like a 10'0''.  Bill says this is the "best longboard" he's ever designed. Historically, the Hydro Hull has been Bill's top selling board worldwide. This next generation Hydro Hull has a trim rocker with a single to double concave bottom and is made with Surftech's proprietary Tuflite-PC construction process.

These features are complimented by a Carbon wrapped beveled entry rail, which provides forgiveness as well as performance .  The 2+1 fin configuration ia another proven Bill Stewart innovation that's stood the test of time. The New Hydro Hull is the all-purpose surfboard for those seeking more waves, more fun and more performance.

*Fins not included

Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
9'0" 23.0" 3.0" 67.0L
9'6" 23.5" 3.3" 71.0L

[X] TUFLITE-PC Tuflite construction offers the most advanced quality construction suitable for the spectrum of surfboard models. Using only the highest quality EPS foam, epoxy and fiberglass materials, Tuflite surfboards are composite sandwich boards that boast the ultimate combination of performance and durability. Built off a shapers most renowned shape, each Tuflite represents the highest quality surfboard in its respective range. Working with nearly every major shaper in the world insures that we offer the optimal choice for every surfer in the water today.