Curve Superslim Multi Bag

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Whether on a roadtrip, a weekend mission or just nipping down to your local break, the superslim allows you to carry multiple spare boards. That way when the surf is pumping and your board gets smashed or the swell size changes, you will have that spare board with you.

With the same patented closure wrap as the overstayer, the superslim fits up to 3 boards and shares the same useful features such as full board access, internal and external pockets and opens as a ground sheet.

The compact design makes the superslim more convenient than standard coffins and takes up less room in storage. Constructed with silver tarpee and 7mm foam makes this the most affordable 1-3 board multibag you will find. Anywhere.


  • Same patented wrap design as overstayer - secures any size load whether large or small
  • Multi storage - protect 1 board, 2 boards (1 w fins, 1 no fins) or 3 standard boards (no fins)
  • 2 entry options: unfold for full side access or unzip tail for rear access
  • Fits wider 'fish' style boards
  • 14x14 hard wearing silver tarpee
  • 7mm waterproof shock absorbing foam core
  • 600D nose and tail reinforcement
  • Reinforcement stitching in hi-stress areas
  • Heat reflective nylon lined interior
  • Big tooth #10 zip, reversed for extra zip protection
  • 4x grab handles for easy handling
  • 2x external pockets, 1x internal pocket
  • Address label
  • Weights: 6'6: 4.6lb / 2.1kg, 7'0: 4.85lb / 2.2kg, 7'6 5.1lb / 2.3kg


  • Close by first tightening cynches, then folding nose and tail ends under
  • Put largest board nose first and base down at bottom
  • Add smaller boards nose first, base down
  • Avoid sliding a board in under another board - this may cause damage from the nose of the sliding board
  • Boards with fins are best on the bottom. If top board has fins place them on deck grip of bottom Board to protect deck
  • When stacking boards use a towel or Curve sling to prevent wax transfer