Ripcurl Mens Flashbomb Plus 4/3mm Zip Free Steamer

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The FlashBomb Plus was born out of a never-ending pursuit to create the best wetsuit ever imagined. It was born out of Mick Fanning deciding he wanted to go to Alaska. It was born out of Mason Ho flying around the world to chase icebergs.

And it was born out of the desire to feel comfortable going anywhere, anytime – Searching for waves in the coldest and most remote parts of the world. It’s taken Ripcurl nearly 50 years of refining the suit – taking on feedback, incorporating new technologies, and hunting for the finest materials possible – but they've finally released what is known to be the highest quality wetsuit possible.


The E5 liquid mesh flash lining: Rip Curl’s new and exclusive innovation that offers 25% more stretch, a lighter and lower profile feel, and a faster drying time.

The liquid mesh super stretch panel: offering durability (and stretch) that surpasses all previous industry standards.

Ripcurl's Unique Aquaban: which acts as an external barrier to cold water and keeps the seam 100% bonded and sealed against ocean leakage.

The new zip-free entry: which is a new and ergonomic easy-entry system that increases paddling freedom while maintaining maximum water seal.