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Ace Trucks 03's (139mm) Low

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Established in 2006 by Steve Ruge and Joey Tershay, Ace is a skateboard truck company located in Los Angeles, California. The company prides itself on providing the “world's best skateboard trucks," and skaters of all skill levels around the world completely back Ace’s claim. Constructed of titanium axles and steel kingpins, Ace skateboard trucks are extremely high quality, engineered with the needs of hardcore skateboarders in mind. The brand has perfected its trucks in order for you to do things you never thought you could on a skateboard! Ace puts other brands to shame because its trucks are thicker in the center for added strength against shock. Ace skateboard trucks are simple and slim with controlled stability. Available in a variety of styles to choose from, the kingpin is also built into the truck at different heights. The lower the kingpin is set in your truck, the smoother you can grind against railings and curbs. If you prefer easy gliding and turning, then Ace trucks are the brand for you! Ace trucks can withstand long skateboarding sessions on any terrain without wearing down or breaking. Their trucks come in several colors to match your skateboard deck and wheels. Is Ace the best truck brand in the world? Try out their trucks and decide for yourself!

Ace focuses on skateboard trucks because they know it’s the most important component for skateboard performance. Choose Ace as your truck brand and feel the difference in the way you ride!


TRUCK SIZE           139mm 149mm 159mm 169mm
DECK SIZE 7.75" - 8.25" 8.25" - 8.75" 8.75" - 9.25" 9" - 10"