Outer Island

7'6 Outer Island V2 Step Up Flex Tail

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This board is in good condition. No major pressures and really solid. Heaps of life in this, ready to charge some bombies!

- Board includes Balin Tailpad

- Board does not include Fins, Leash or Boardbag



V2 Flex boards feel sensitive and alive under foot, flexing into the turns to give tighter arcs, greater hold on the wave and delivering a burst of drive (reflex) out of the turns. Over 10 years of research and development have gone into perfecting this design concept. We have been constructing over 90% of our boards this way for the last 5 years, and everyone who has one agrees that they are sensational to ride. Remarkably, the way the energy is transmitted through the board, we are not seeing broken tails, even in light weight Performers and Longboards. Less labour intensive than our full carbon fiber Flex Tail, it brings flex construction to a competitive price, affordable by everyone. The concept works equally effectively right through the size range, from shortboards, through mid length and longboards. Get on one and feel the difference!

Like a dolphin’s tail , Flextails generate propulsion, drive and acceleration out of the turns. The tail flexes as you apply power, carving a tighter arc. Energy is stored in the carbon tail, and is released out of the turn (reflex) delivering a massive burst of drive and speed, like an arrow from a bow, or a diver launching from a spring board. Unlike conventional boards which are rigid and have one inbuilt set of curves, they feel alive to ride, changing shape while in motion, carving variable arcs and springing out of turns like Formula 1 race car. Once you discover the feel of flex, there is no turning back! Constructed from Carbon Fibre, Vynel Esters and EVA using most the most advanced technology available on the planet. Invest in Technology!


Comes with Glass Switch Blade Thruster Fins:

Switch Blade Fins Australia

An innovative high performance quad or thruster option designed to further enhance the Outer Island surfing experience. Outer Island Owner and Shaper Mitchell Rae said "Over a number of years, I made numerous hand foiled fin sets exploring the clear parallels between aircraft wing foil technology and surfboard fins. After testing them extensively in various boards and conditions, I'm satisfied we have arrived at the magic set. The tip shape is designed to minimise drag and cavitation. Using an 85/15% foil ratio, the semi vertical base delivers quick response, while the raked tip produces progressive flex which enhances control. The resulting enjoys far greater traction than conventional shapes, managing laminar flow more efficiently. This increased effiency allows fin size to be reduced by approximately 15%, further reducing drag whilst increasing both speed and acceleration. Fins Unlimited in California digitised and refined the hand foiled originals, using NACA foil design software files, the same as those used by Boeing and NASA. The resulting fins are precision CAD machine cut from solid bias-laid fiberglass panels. We have now tooled up with a local manufacturer and are very happy to supply a 100% Australian made product.




Length: 7'6"

Width: 21 3/4"

Thickness: 2 7/8"

Volume: -

Fin System: Speef FiNZ or FCS1