6'8" JS Mother Trucker Package

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Board is in good condition, a couple of repaired dings on it and some slight pressure dings on the top that won't affect its integrity or how it rides.


Board package comes with a set of FCS M-7 Thruster fins, Creatures 5 piece tailpad, O&E 6'8 Boardbag and a Blue 8" Creatures leash.


With a rounded squash tail this would make a nice good-wave board. It would have really nice hold in a bigger wave but the volume would make it a bit of fun in some slightly smaller stuff as well. This board would be good for someone looking for performance or a smaller beginner looking for something with nice turning capability. 



Length: 6'8

Width: 19 3/8

Thickness: 2 3/4

Volume: 36 Litres (estimate)