6'4" Luke Studer Semi-Gun

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 The board has two repaired creases on the deck and a slight repaired crack behind the right hand finbox but aside from that and your usual odd pressure ding, it has a lot of life left in it. 

Comes with a Kryptonite tail pad and has an FCS 1 fin system installed.



The Darringer was designed for when the surf gets juicy and you need a little more board than your shorty. Usually ridden 3” to 6” longer than your normal board. Luke put more rocker in the nose and tail to fit better in curvy waves. Nose and tail pulled in slightly for down the line speed. Bottom features a slight single to double concave with vee out the tail. A round pin works well and allows you to still surf it like your shorty in solid surf. 



Length: 6'4"

Width: 18 1/2"

Thickness: 2 5/16"

Volume: 28.5L