Gnome Orr

6'2 Gnome Orr Package

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The board is in great condition.  Very little pressure dings on the board.  The nose has been damaged and been repaired watertight.  

The board comes with an Ocean & Earth 6'3 bag as well as a creature leash, FCS II Performer thruster fins and a black glittered gorilla tail pad in great condition. 



This board is a rounded pintail board, which allows it to hold better in a bigger wave.  Because of its width especially in the nose, as it helps by bringing more volume to the front of the board which is needed for the smaller wave days.  Having the extra volume across the front of the board offers a better all-around wave board.  It was plenty of rocker in the nose which helps to make paddling easy as well as take off. 



Length: 6'2

Width: 20 7/8 

Thickness: 2 5/8

Volume: -