5'7 Superbrand Siamese Palm Viper

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This board is in moderate condition, with the usual minor pressures on the deck. Nose and tail have been professionally repaired.

Someone has previously let their artistic flair loose on the underside of the board, easily removable if wanted, or grab a couple of BoardStix and add to the art yourself!


Comes with well-worn tail pad and GoPro Mount.



Epic little grom everyday rip stick!

Futures thruster setup.

The Dion Agius' Siamese Palm Viper Surfboard (SPV) - Concerned about having too many shapes to ride—some for airs, some for turns—Dion Agius sought a simple solution. After working closely with Dion on testing and developing, the final SPV is the best of both worlds: while remaining smooth and clean for turns and rail work, it won’t hold you back while blasting airs. *2014 SIMA Image Awards 'Surfboard of the Year' Nominee!


  • Curvy outline with wider center and subtly pulled in nose and tail
  • Medium rocker with extra flip off the tail
  • Single to double concave with slight V off the tail
  • Tri fin
  • Ride 3-4 inches shorter and at the same volume as usual board
  • Squash tail



Length: 5'7

Width: 18 7/8"

Thickness: 2 3/16"

Volume: 23.9L