5'7 Razor Chub Sub

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Brand new board, a few finger dents in the glass which is superficial and won't matter after a few rides.  

Futures fin boxes. 



Sick, locally made Razor Chub Sub.

Resin Tint with Gloss and Polish but don't be fooled.. this is old school and classical looking but underneath it is a modern small wave shredder with a light double concave in the back end for fast rail to rail transitions and tight turns in the pocket. Plenty of planing area in the front for flying through that flat section and ease of paddling. This is a modern planing hull crossed with a fish. Five future fin plugs so it'll please Quad or Thruster riders and suits both options or Quad with a nubster fin. Don't be afraid to ride this in bigger waves either with a modern mid size rail the ball is in your court.. can you handle it!

If you want a fish with quick release and more performance in the top end this could be the one. 



 Length: 5'7

Width: 20 5/8" 

Thickness: 2 11/16" 

Volume: estimated 34L