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5'4 Firewire Sweet Potato FST

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The board is in great condition with virtually nothing in the way of pressures on the deck. No visible repairs have been done either. 

Has an applied Sticky Johnson Tailpad.   Futures Fin Boxes. Comes without fins. We would recommend Futures Controller quads for this board. 


Behold the stubby, chunky and ridiculously fun Firewire Sweet Potato FST Surfboard. Loaded with volume and set up for slow, clunky surf, the Sweet Potato dramatically changes the ratio between the length and width of a board while still allowing the design to perform at a very high level. This will go hard in anything soft, slow and small to your more average days


Length: 5'4"

Width: 21 1/2"

Thickness: 2 1/2"

Volume: 35.7l