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5'11 Firewire Gamma - Helium

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2nd Hand Surfboard


Brand-new condition 10/10. Used three times and has no sign of pressures or any blemishes. Includes a creatures tail pad. 5-fin futures set up. Original retail $1,180



The Firewire Slater Designs Gamma Surfboard is Kelly’s 2017 utility shortboard! Though Kelly has worked with several great shapers this past year on an array of different shapes, it is his excitement with the speed and quick direction changes provided by this personal design that held his intrigue. His interest in Cad board design, modifying variables, testing and retesting has lead to the development of an incredible all around shortboard. The Firewire Gamma is sure to be under Kelly’s feet during his 2017 title run. 


With a single concave bottom and slight V behind the back fin this board is extremely fast and drivey. The V out the back of the Firewire Slater Designs Gamma Surfboard makes for quick rail to rail transitions. Within the hi-performance shortboard range in mind, this board would be considered to have medium rocker with a med to even a slightly pinched rail. The distinct hip on the Firewire Gamma gives it a tighter turning radius allowing it to be ridden in a shorter wider set of dims as well as the common performance shortboard dims. The Firewire Slater Designs Gamma excels in a broad range of waves and conditions. We are POSITIVE Firewire will sell out, if you want a Gamma, secure yours right here by Pre-Ordering it with us.


Firewire Slater Designs Gamma Surfboard Tech - Helium

Firewire is keeping their new Tech close to the chest until their new surfboards actually hit our shores. That said, here's what we know. With Helium there's no need to paint the board, as they are white skins, creating a noticeable weight savings. For example, a 5ft. 8in. Dominator Helium weighs just over 5 pounds, while the FST version comes in at 6 pounds and the Timber Teck version weighs 6.5 pounds. Firewire Helium is stronger, with the Integrity of FST, but with a better bond since Helium Surfboards don't have to be painted. Ultimately, this means the Helium Firewire Helium surfboards are lighter, but just as strong when it comes to breaking. 


The Firewire Slater Designs Gamma Surfboard is intended for 2 ft. to 8 ft. surf, has medium rails and comes in a 5-Fin setup.



Length: 5'11

Width: 19 7/8"

Thickness: 2 5/8"

Volume: 31.8L