5'10 Hayden Shapes Psychadelic Germ

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The board has been well used, it has a number of repairs on it and a handful of small nicks. In saying that the board has plenty of life left in it and would be awesome for a progressing grom or someone looking for a fun little shortboard.  


Similar to that of a boat design, the hull softens the water flow through the entry of the board. It hits the ridge of the hull, and is dispersed into the single concave. When taking off late, this assists in planing through choppy water or helping to land critical maneuvers.

The side cuts shorten the radius of turns, meaning the board will draw a much tighter arc. During bottom turns, it engages the 3 dimensional curve that the side cut creates, which draws the surfer up the wave face. This then transitions onto the inside rail which pulls the surfer around and back into the pocket with ease.

For a shorter and wider board that’s strikes the balance between performance and innovation, the Psychedelic Germ has all the features needed to bring a whole new dimension to surfing.

Ideal in 1 to 4ft 


Length: 5'10

Width: 19 1/4

Thickness: 2 3/8

Volume: 26.95l