5'10 DHD Black Diamond

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Board is in brand new condition, very minor chip repaired on tail of the board. 

Board only.


The Black Diamond is our favourite all-rounder that can do a bit of everything.

Packed with extra flotation for easy paddling and entries but still loaded with all the performance needed when the waves turn on.


Glassing — Standard (4x4x4)

Rocker — Medium to Low

Concave — Single to Concave Vee

Carbon — Reinforced tail patches

Tail — Rounded Pin

Fins — Quad, 5 Fin Futures

Designed with a pulled in tail to assist keeping you in the pocket and draw out turns. The widest point is more forward, increasing volume in the nose area and dropping the entry rocker slightly, the Black Diamond paddles extremely well and is fast off the front foot.



Length: 5'10

Width: 20 3/4

Thickness: 2 5/8

Volume: 34