2018 Manta Pro XT pp 44" Navy

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Manta Pro XT

The Ultimate wave charger.

The Pro XT remains one of Mantas most longstanding and original templates to date.

With a charged PPHD core, 2 x stringers and Xtreme Projection Skin slick, this board will exceed all expectations for reliability and strength. This unique shape has been deigned for optimum ridability, versatility, and is perfect for the larger sized adult Bodyboarder.

You won’t turn back!


  • BPPHD Core
  • Nose Bulbs
  • Thumb Grooves
  • 2 x Stringers
  • Nose & Tail Bumpers
  • XPS skin



With over 29 years of bodyboarding and surf knowledge Manta is at the cutting edge of technology and style.