2018 creatures Aero Rax Silicone

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The Creatures of Leisure Auto products are made using the highest quality materials available. From silicon-encased corrosion resistant buckles to our heavy-duty UV treated and Color-fast webbing and pad materials. Each piece has been carefully engineered and designed to be durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Protection pads for aerodynamic roof racks with connected Tie Downs. Holding up to 3 boards. Durable cushioned pads that sit between the boards and roof racks for added protection. Industrial strength 30mm metal buckle with a moulded silicon cover for car protection. 

• Aerodynamic and durable cushioned pads that sit between the boards and roof racks 
• Industrial Strength corrosion resistant metal cam buckle 
• Moulded silicon buckle cover for board and car protection 
• Heavy-duty 30mm military grade, UV treated webbing 
• Durable, UV treated pad material 
• Reusable carry bag