Curve El Poncho Adults Hooded Towel

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The El Poncho Change Robe is like having your own portable changing room with you wherever you go. Great for getting into and out of your wetsuit in complete privacy when you are in public areas like the crowded beach or car park. Keep the sun off in summer and the cold out in winter

The El Poncho also keeps you warm while you change, and doubles as a towel for drying off after being in the water. Mucho bueno, mi amigo!


  • Discreet branding, single 'curve' embroidery logo on back of towel
  • Large hood and large easy access arm holes
  • 100% 400gsm terry toweling
  • available in 3 sizes (Teen, Standard or XL)
  • Machine washable

  • ADULT - bottom hem of poncho sits just below knee height on a person of 5'10 height. Dimensions of the poncho laying flat are:
    • 105cm / 42" Tall (excluding hood)
    • 80cm / 31" Wide (making girth of 160cm / 62")
    • including hood is 145cm / 57" Tall (add 40cm / 15" for hood) 
    • XL - bottom hem of poncho sits at bottom of knee on a person of 6'3 height.  Dimensions of the poncho laying flat are:
      • 120cm / 47" Tall (excluding hood)
      • 96cm / 38" Wide (making girth of 192cm / 76")
      • including hood is 160cm / 62" Tall (add 40cm / 15" for hood)